How It Works

At, we understand how difficult it can get to secure loans. And that is why we have positioned ourselves as a reliable lender-connecting service that strives to link consumers with personal lenders, both online and personal loans, whenever you need a loan. Users of our service can link up with lenders who have the funds they need using our platform as a bridge.

Fast, Free, and Secure Online Form

The online is easy to fill – you are done in less than two minutes. The safety of your personal and sensitive information is guaranteed, courtesy of reliable security software. You only need to supply the information required in facilitating your link up, and on receiving such information, we forward it to our lenders, who are capable of offering short term loans to the tune of $1,000.

Check out our No-Obligation Offers

After processing your information, you may be linked to a lender willing and ready to meet your requirements. Note that such offers come with no compulsion. In the case that you decide that the proposal is not right for you, you have every right to reject it at no cost.

Getting Your Cash

If the offer meets your requirement, the next stage would be to perfect your loan agreement. After this, you will be asked to append your electronic signature to the agreement, thus closing the contract. A successful contract is followed by the deposit of the loan amount by your lender into your account on the next business day.

Repayment for short-term loans

The single one-time repayment of your short term loan is very easy and simple, courtesy of our lenders. If you chose a direct withdrawal option at the point of closing the contract, the repayment could be initiated and completed electronically. Most times, all that is required is for you to make the amount repayable available for withdrawal on the stipulated repayment date. The amount repayable is a sum of the amount of the loan and other applicable fees and interest. This paperless arrangement removes the need to be physically present at a retail location, thus making payment faster and easier.

Short Term Online Loan Qualifications

Your chances of being eligible for a short term online loans for a small dollar amount is higher, compared to other forms of consumer credit. To be qualified for these loans, you must meet the following requirements;

  • 18 years old or older;
  • Be a legal resident of the United States;
  • 90-day employment period (or longer) with the same employer;
  • A functional bank account that is not overdrawn at the moment;
  • A functional telephone number and email address;
  • Meet minimum income requirements.

Your Credit History is not a problem

While there may be credit checks by our lending partners when necessary, you still stand a good chance of qualifying for loans even without a perfect credit or no credit at all. Our lending partners may also perform optional alternative credit checks with companies like DP or TeleTrack, in the bid to confirm that you are not in bankruptcy or having unpaid loans with other lenders. However, this has nothing to do with your credit score.

Maximizing the offers of Short Term Online Loans

The first step towards getting the best out of a short term online loans is to repay your loan promptly. In addition to improving your business relationship with your lender, you avoid the high late fees that come with late payments. Do not submit your information or close a loan agreement unless you have the funds to repay your loan or funds needed to make serviced payments. If you will not be able to repay your loan or make a scheduled payment promptly, endeavor to reach out to your lender so that you can determine the way forward.