About us

Our main goal at Get1000loan.com is to link consumers like you with lenders across the company willing and ready to offer short term loans to the tune of $1,000. We rely on our vast network of trusted lenders to proffer you with several options, leaving you to choose the one that best suits your needs. After the successful submission of your necessary information and how much you would like to borrow, we send this information across our network, so that you can receive suitable loan offer(s) from one or more of our lenders. While there may be credit checks by our lending partners when necessary, it doesn’t affect your chances of qualifying for loans. So, even without a perfect credit or no credit at all, you still stand a chance of getting approval for your request for funding. Our platform allows you to communicate directly with your lender and get first-hand details of the loan offer that fits your requirements. If you find the loan terms acceptable after reviewing them, you can go ahead to close the deal by e-signing the loan agreement.

Note that submission of requests via Get1000loan.com is absolutely free. Likewise, you are 100% free to accept or reject any offer from any lender, and such decisions come with no penalty whatsoever. However, in the case of accepting an offer, you are bound by the terms of the loan once you provided your electronic signature in the loan agreement. After successfully closing the deal, your funds will be deposited into your bank account, usually on the following business day.

We remain committed to providing you with access to financial options and money whenever you need it. And we have continued to deliver on this commitment via our excellent customer service, and fast and seamless search and request process that offers you smooth borrowing experience.